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Tools for staying healthy. (Thanks for the mask, Kit.)

Last week I was in the grocery store and noticed that people were going out of their way to keep a “safe” distance from one another. I had to chuckle to myself because that’s a regular practice for me.

The coronavirus or COVID-19 is causing a lot of anxiety. We all know, hopefully, the basics of trying to stay healthy – wash hands often and avoid anyone, as best we can, who is ill. Of course if we’re not feeling well ourselves, COVID-19 or just a cold, we stay home.

But I have some other tips that perhaps haven’t occurred to most people:

  1. Pens: I don’t use a store, restaurant, or bank pen. I carry my own and I usually don’t loan it to strangers but if I do, I tell them to keep it.
  2. Grocery carts/baskets: I haven’t used one of those in years. I put my purchases in the reusable canvas bags I bring with me. If it’s a big grocery shopping trip, then that won’t work so just make sure to wipe the grocery cart handle. Speaking of canvas shopping bags, it’s a good idea to throw them in the wash every so often.
  3. Pubic transportation: For starters, I don’t touch anything. But I also have a dedicated pair of gloves for the task if needed. I spray the gloves with alcohol after each use and keep them in a plastic bag. (I just read that Queen Elizabeth these days is sporting gloves in public. Good for her!) I also refrain from putting my purse or tote bag on the floor or on the seat next to me.
  4. Airplane travel: I’m with Naomi Campbell! I wipe down everything with a disinfectant towel – seat, screen, seat-belt, tray, etc.
  5. Public spaces: What to do in a classroom, conference room, work staff room? Before I sit, I wipe down the seat and table with a disinfectant towel.
  6. When I get home after having been on public transportation, or in any public space where I’ve had to sit, I spray my clothes with alcohol and hang them in the bathroom overnight. Just as as extra precaution.
  7. Finally, I keep hand sanitizer at an easy reach. I have noticed no matter how much I think/plan ahead something unexpected happens. Having the sanitizer in a pocket is helpful. (Such as, after using a store keypad. I hear those are covered with germs.)

This is what I do all the time to avoid colds and the flu and now the dreaded COVID-19. It seems to me that taking precautions during this pubic health crisis is the right thing to do for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Stay healthy out there!



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