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blackiswhite-with-toothbrush-e1446122466556Let’s face it, whiter and brighter smiles are a fashion “must-have.” But some of us are not willing to risk harming our teeth with chemical bleaching and abrasive agents. So when I received a pitch to try Black Is White – a natural whitening toothpaste – I was in!

Black Is White, by the Swiss oral health company Curaprox, uses activated carbon, which absorbs stain particles and gently removes them, eliminating the possibility of abrading tooth enamel.

The paste itself is black and that takes a little getting used to, although looking in the mirror with spooky black lips and teeth is kind of Halloween fun. I caution users to be aware that tiny black spots of toothpaste get everywhere – they are easy to wipe up but must be done right away. The taste is a light mint and pleasant enough.

The results? Well, like with any natural approach patience is required. I saw a slow gradual whitening – nothing dramatic. Personally I’m happy with that because I think dental health is more important than having perfect pearly whites.

Use Black Is White regularly and keep the stains at a minimum while also keeping tooth enamel safe.

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