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One of two waterfalls at the National 9/11 Memorial.

I was living in Greenwich Village, in an apartment with a terrace that faced directly onto the Twin Towers. As I was on the phone, I saw the first plane go into the first tower. I immediately thought I’d witnessed an unimaginable accident. I was still on the phone, trying to comprehend what had happened, when the second plane went into the second tower. In that moment, I knew this was no accident but an act of terrorism. My phone went dead, and I dropped to my knees watching the aftermath.

Michael Kors, American fashion designer.

This quote is from Harper’s Bazaar, September 2021.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001was the fifth day of New York Fashion Week.

The National 9/11 Memorial Waterfall. In the distance behind the trees, is the Memorial Museum.

When I was in NYC in 2019 I visited the National 9/11 Memorial. Located at the rebuilt World Trade Center the memorial is in the center of a seven building complex, which includes the 9/11 Museum. Walking around we heard only the splashing sound of the two waterfalls built exactly where the Twin Towers once stood.

A somber place, meant for respect and reflection, it feels a world away from the hectic streets of the city.

Engraved in bronze along the edge of the waterfalls are the names of all the 9/11 victims and the six victims killed in the 1993 bombing; a total of 2983.

Among the seven buildings is the tallest building in America, One World Trade Center, AKA “Freedom Tower.” In 2014 Conde Nast, the publishers of Vogue magazine, relocated here from Times Square. I pulled out my phone to take a photo and was quickly admonished by a security guard.

No photos allowed.

Anxiety still abounds.

We then wandered into the Oculus, where, in complete contrast, we found the hustle-bustle of a food court and shops galore.

It took me a moment to adjust.

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Photo: Mario Testino

Photo: Mario Testino

Their fashion is fake. They want only to go with designer names and to have the thing of the moment.

– Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, fashion stylist and fashion editor-at-large for Lucky magazine. She was speaking to the New York Times in November 2013.

Ms. Cerf de Dudzeele is referring to fashion bloggers, who have ruffled feathers by infiltrating the top four Fashion Weeks in NYC, London, Paris, and Milan.

Having never attended any of the top four Fashion Weeks, this particular fashion blogger has no comment. Well, yes I do.  I ask what makes a blogger different from anyone else attending Fashion Week? Aren’t they all after designer names and the latest must-have? Be it good or bad, I think the point of Fashion Week is to encourage the trends as well as fashion in general, particularly commercial fashion. Bloggers are just joining the party and I suspect their fashion isn’t any more fake than anyone else strutting their stuff at the shows.

(Having said all that, I don’t blame long-time professional fashion editors and journalists for feeling put out by the chaos these bloggers create.)

New York City Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week continues through this Thursday, February 19th.

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Project Runway - Front Row - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekOne of the requisite skills for sitting at a fashion show is being able to roll your eyes, talk to the person behind you, chew mints and say, ‘Yves Saint Laurent did it better years ago,’ all at once.

John Duka (1950-1989), former New York Times reporter and style columnist.

Get out your mints – New York City Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starts this Thursday, February 12 and runs through Thursday, February 19.

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