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I spotted these two women at a trendy seafood restaurant in North Beach. The pair were sitting at the counter right in front of me and what caught my eye is that they are dressed almost exactly alike.


It was a cold, damp afternoon in January and they evidently decided to think spring with their choice of beige sweaters and white leggings. I’m not a fan of dead white in the dead of winter  – it just feels all wrong – but I do like the color combo and these ladies are on trend as beige is the hot new color for spring.

I also like their sneaker choice and you can’t really see, but the woman on the right is wearing a classic Burberry scarf around her neck.


It’s a little too early for these ensembles but they are perfect for upcoming spring 2019. Casual yet chic. Comfortable yet presentable. A nice balance for bumming around the city.

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