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Two stylish ladies from Advanced Style. Image courtesy of Ari Cohen.

My favorite street style blog is Ari Cohen’s Advanced Style. On his popular blog Mr. Cohen chronicles the most stylish ladies of NYC who also happen to be mature.

The women featured on Advanced Style are creative individuals who are less about current fashions and more about their own signature looks. They use color with abandon and don lots of chunky jewelry. They’re not afraid of hats, they adore scarves, and appreciate a good vintage find. To them, dressing every day is an art form.

For the past three years Mr. Cohen and his business partner, filmmaker Lina Plioplyte, have been interviewing these stylish older women for a documentary called Advanced Style: The Documentary. To finish up the project they are asking for a little financial support. For a mere $5 or more if you like, you can be a part of something truly remarkable.

Here’s what Mr. Cohen has to say:

This film is important because it will allow us all to look at aging in a new light. So much of what is in the media either ignore older people, or casts getting older in a negative light. The women featured in the Advanced Style film are between 65 and 100 and they live active and joyful lives. Their experiences will give us hope for the future.

I have seen the trailers many times and just like a piece of lovely dark chocolate, I savor each taste. I look forward to adding Advanced Style: The Documentary to my collection so I can watch it again and again.

Check out the trailer: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/292182391/advanced-style-film

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