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Atelier Versace - Runway - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture S/S 2016

A brand collapses without a designer. If there is no pure creativity, a company shuts down. It would be convenient for companies if managers did it all. But they are wrong. Raf Simons exited Dior. He is my dear friend, I have tremendous respect for him, he is so talented. Dior is not Dior anymore. I’m not saying that Raf was perfect for that position, but he refreshed it, he brought a breath of novelty to the brand. It’s very difficult to replace someone who has left a mark.

– Donatella Versace, Italian fashion designer.

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I’m interested in creativity, the evolution of creativity and the relationship between creativity and the times we live in.  

– Designer Raf Simons who is the new couturier at Christian Dior.

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