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Shapley sashes should not show shabby stitches.

Miss Perkins, Schoolteacher at Ragged School Museum, London.

While in London we visited the Ragged School Museum in the East End. Ragged School was opened in 1867 by Dr. Thomas Barnardo who, fresh off the boat from Ireland, was appalled by the poverty he encountered in this East End neighborhood.

To secure a better future for the neighborhood children, Dr. Barnardo vowed to help educate them in not only the three Rs but also in hygiene, manners, and discipline. Ragged School, named after the children’s ragged clothing, did just that for decades until its closure in 1908.

Today the school building is a museum with displays on local history and an actual classroom of the era, where once a month visitors can experience a class with Miss Perkins and get a taste of what true classroom discipline is all about. “Sit up straight, no talking, and for heaven’s sake –  no shabby stitches on your shapely sashes.”

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