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I really like the scent of lavender. I find it to be light and soothing; but not all lavender is the same. There are some that are too sweet, some that have a chemical undertone, and some that seem to travel up your nose and poke your brain with a sharp object.

Body Time (formerly The Body Shop) offered the best oils, but since they closed in 2018 I have been on a quest for just the right lavender scent. Then I happened to find Elizabeth W Lavender Botanical Body Oil at Maker’s Market.

Elizabeth W bath, body, and home products are locally made of clean natural ingredients. The lavender body oil is a safflower seed and almond oil base with a smooth scent of natural lavender. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper and in the evenings I take a few drops in my hand and massage into my temples to wind down.

Scent is something that can bring a little daily joy into our lives and we all could use more joy. Lavender does it for me, but Elizabeth W has other scents – magnolia, cucumber, grapefruit, lime – just to name a few.

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

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