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Style Caster Fashion Week totes designed by Serene Bacigalupi.

There’s a new trend in totes. It used to be that  a designer logo bag was the must-have but ah ha, not anymore. Nope, what best reflects fashion status in today’s Austerity and Occupy world is a freebie. A limited edition tote from a fashion show, a museum exhibit, or an art opening says, I’m not showy but I am connected.  

The latest coveted tote bag was designed by New York City artist, Serene Bacigalupi for the fashion website StyleCaster. In celebration of New York Fashion Week 2012 StyleCaster collaborated with Serene on a political theme for their party goodie bags. “We wanted to draw attention to the election season,” says Serene, “and thought that political tote bags with a fashion bent was cheeky and fun.”    

StyleCaster saw Serene’s artwork on display at the Chelsea Market in NYC and thought her quirky and imaginative style would be a good fit.

Of course the blue bag depicts our current president Barack Obama but the question was, who stands for the red? Since the GOP are still tripping over themselves to the primaries, Serene and StyleCaster decided to forgo a current candidate and dig into the 80s for an iconic Republican image. Who other than Ronald Reagan? I love this one with good old Ronnie sporting a badge that says, Style to the People. It’s just too funny.

The bags are made of cotton and are doubled sided with Reagan or Obama screen printed in black ink on one side and StyleCaster’s motto, Style to the People on the other. Serene says she was hesitant to use Reagan as she didn’t want her business, Leroy’s Place, connected to anything Republican. “I had a really hard time negotiating the line between belief, bipartisanism, and art,” she explains. ” I do feel like Reagan is kind of a funny historical figure. I was definitely more comfortable with him than, say, Rick Santorum.”

Check out Serene’s other fabulous artwork on Etsy.

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