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LeslieGallin. Approved 8.2019Is it too early to talk about spring 2020 shoe trends? Ah, no! Indeed, it’s just the right time as the shoe show of the year, FN Platform, is coming up February 5-7 in Las Vegas.

Lucky for us, Leslie Gallin, President of Footwear  Informa took time out of her busy schedule for a Question and Answer with OverDressedforLife.

1. How do shoe styles develop?​

Ah, a very good question and could prompt a long response, so here goes in the condensed version.  Since footwear is a utilitarian product, meaning answering the needs for waterproof, activities and safety etc. … this category of footwear is developed based upon lifestyle – trends in developing lighter and more durable and comfort go into the creations.  Fashion – Women’s and Men’s dress shoes – will most likely follow the color trends of the season along with the styling of fashion – pointy toes and heel heights. 

2. Sustainability is a big word in fashion, how is the shoe industry addressing the issue? ​

This is a hot topic – we are seeing more and more footwear brands looking to sustainably and ethically sourced materials. Many companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint as well.  I think we will be seeing more and more footwear made from plants and recycled materials.

3. There are so many shoes made these days from around the world it seems, and the quality varies. Can you tell us what to look for in a well-crafted pair of shoes? ​

Yes, fit varies based upon the factory where the shoe is made.  There is a tremendous amount of labor – human touch which goes into making shoes. Think about it, the right foot and the left foot must ultimately be identical! This does not happen from a machine.  A sewn sole to the upper of the shoe provides a greater stability and finer shoe.  Quality of the leather, you want a shoe that the more you wear it the more comfortable it feels.  Servicing one’s shoes is important to your health. Think about it –  if the heel of your shoe is worn down that can create an imbalance to your walk and ultimately your back.  Having well serviced shoes helps with your health.  Shoes need to allow your feet to breath, therefore finding a shoe with natural – real leather, sheepskin – fabrics will be a better shoe. 


Leslie says the platform sneaker is back for 2020. We haven’t seen the platform sneaker since the late 90s.

4. Sneakers have been popular lately; do you see that going away or are they here to stay? How might they change to keep interest?

Sneakers are evolving- no longer are they just performance driven.  This generation recognized one does not need to suffer for fashion. It is a youthful look to wear “sneakers” with dresses and suits. We are seeing in men’s shoes an evolution of sorts – combining sneaker insides and soles with the an historic men’s dress shoe upper. I do think the trend of comfort being a wider acceptable factor in our shoes is here to stay.

5. What’s your favorite shoe trend for spring 2020?  ​

My favorite trend for spring- mules for women and the new casual dress shoe for men.

Mules! I just noticed a beautiful pair of mules by Brother Vellies in Harper’s Bazaar. As for sneakers, they are this walking girl’s best friend. Style and comfort all in one. I also agree that taking care of our shoes is essential for our health, pocketbook, and the environment.

Thank you, Leslie! I really appreciate your shoe expertise.

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Arcopedico shoes have a long history since their debut in 1966. Made in Portugal, they are as unique today as they were back then. The uppers are crafted from a nylon mesh knit, allowing for breath-ability and stretch that can adjust to various foot shapes. The nylon is treated with a softener wax making it gentle on the skin. Additionally Arcopedicos have patented metal-free twin arch support soles that protect the arch and offer distribution of body weight. As soon as you put on these shoes you feel the contradiction of the soft cozy knit with the stable foot bed. It’s like you slipped orthotics into your socks.

I’ve been wearing the LS (pictured above) in Starry Navy daily for a couple of weeks. Since I stand at my writing desk, that was the first comfort test. I find in Arcopedicos I can stand for long periods of time without any foot or back fatigue. Out doing errands they are comfortable to walk in for short distances. I don’t know that I recommend them for long distance walking, but a few blocks, in and out of the car, plane travel, train travel, commuting to work – YES.

Now, on to another very important point – they are cute, cute, cute. The LS is an Oxford style with a nicely contoured black sole. Wear them with or without socks and pair them with jeans, shorts, leggings, or a  denim skirt. They have a unique sporty look, which makes a good alternative to the ubiquitous sneaker. They’re vegan, washable, and they come in many colors – red, pink, white, yellow, black … too many to list them all.

I have enjoyed wearing the Arcopedico LS and I’m happy to add them to my shoe wardrobe. They’re a great option for upcoming spring and summer events. I see them hopping on the merry-go-round at the fair; dancing at a music festival; strolling the farmers market; boarding a jet plane to faraway places.

Check out the entire Arcopedico line.  They make boots too!



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ISONY DSC‘m not so inspired by the fashion industry or trends. I find inspiration from other things than fashion, more from whatever I see on the streets, or if I look at something beautiful.

– Emy Blixt, Swedish Hasbeens founder and designer.

Not familiar with Swedish Hasbeens? You have to be! Click here.

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