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Edith HeadIn the days of the motion picture industry and even as late as the 1950s, stars had trademarks: Jean Harlow with her white satin dresses; Dietrich with her tailored slacks; Garbo with her slouch hats and trench coats; and Marilyn Monroe with her slightly tousled hair and tight clothes. But as we moved into the 1960s, the female stars didn’t really care what what they wore on the set or off. If two stars showed up at a party wearing the same dress, neither of them cared. Nobody cared. It was as if individualism had been thrown out the window in the name of realism. 

Edith Head (1887-1981), Hollywood costume designer.

Ms. Head certainly had a signature look or trade mark – she always sported a suit, she wore her hair up in a tight bun, and she loved those very round glasses.

My signature look is hats! I sport a hat of some kind every day. My mother likes to wear a silk scarf. What’s your signature look?

Happy Birthday to Ms. Head who would have celebrated on October 28th.


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IMG_0667I liked Patricia Field’s outfit on the day she visited Britex Fabrics. It was simple – gray slacks and light knit sweater, velvet jacket that she told me she’s had for years and wears a lot, and a single long silver pendant. She popped her outfit with the red shoes and of course her hair color is her signature piece.

Her hair got me thinking. When you have one distinguishing element in an outfit such as ruby-red hair or a grand hat, an opulent coat or exotic jewelry, that’s all you need. The rest should not compete but instead stay quiet. (Since Ms. Field’s signature piece is always her hair then her outfits probably tend toward sleek and simple.)

But if  there is no one outstanding piece then the whole well-coordinated ensemble can deliver a punch using color, vintage silhouettes, structure, or texture.

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