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Welcome to Day Four of The Twelve Days of Tree Ornaments. Today’s ornament isn’t really an ornament, but instead this bear is part of my small stuffed animal collection and he’s very special. I place him under the tree.

His name is Felix and he was a gift from my father when I was ten years old, so that makes him an Elder Bear. On top of that he’s a Steiff, which are German made and are collectible (or used to be – is anything collectible anymore?)

Felix is wearing a smart sweater that was hand knitted by my friend, Kathleen. I can’t look at Felix without thinking of my father and all the Christmases of my childhood, which he always tried to make extra festive. It’s nice to revisit these memories.

Revisit ODFL tomorrow for another installment of The Twelve Days of Tree Ornaments.

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Felix in his spiffy new sweater.

Every December I meet with a group of like-minded friends at Lovejoy’s Tea Room in San Francisco. Part of our tradition is to dress vintage (at least in a vintage hat) and exchange small gifts.

We just had our outing and one little gift is so sweet I  have to write about it. Kathleen hand-knit tiny tree ornament sweaters. As soon as I opened mine, I knew it wasn’t going to hang on my tree. Nope … it went on my little bear, Felix.

Felix is part of my miniature stuffed animal collection. He was a gift from my dad and the start of my collection way back when I was ten years old. He’s a Steiff and named after my dad whose middle name was Felix.

Thank you Kathleen for makin’ Felix look so darn dapper this holiday season.

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