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Stella McCartney was presented with an OBE by Queen Elizabeth in 2013.

Stella McCartney accepts her OBE award presented by Queen Elizabeth in 2013.

It’s interesting the fear that fashion can push into people. It’s not supposed to make you feel bad and paranoid. It’s supposed to encourage you to feel great and reflect who you are.

– Stella McCartney, women’s (vegan) fashion designer.

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Liva Firth and Stella McCartney.

Livia Firth and Stella McCartney.

Livia Firth (yes, that would be actor Colin Firth’s wife) is the woman behind The Green Carpet Challenge, an initiative that encourages designers to produce eco-friendly looks for the red carpet. Among others, Stella McCartney has hopped onto this admirable bandwagon and recently designed 13 evening wear pieces all using recycled materials from previous collections.

She told WWD, “The problem with luxury fashion is that it’s so isolated. There’s hundreds of thousands of meters of fabric that’s left over from collections and it just gets destroyed and I cannot get my head around it.”

Such waste but I tip my hat to Ms. Firth and Ms. McCartney and all the other designers involved with The Green Carpet Challenge.

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Lesley1 (800x533)

Lesley Nicol, who play Mrs. Patmore in Downton Abbey, sports Stella McCartney’s t-shirt for Animals Asia.

For fashionable gift giving and a chance to do the world a good turn,  Stella McCartney has designed an exclusive t-shirt for Animals Asia.

Animals Asia is an organization dedicated to rescuing bears from bile bear farms in Asia.

Ms. McCartney is a long-time supporter of animal rights and one of the few high-end fashion designers who produces only vegan clothing. Of the bear farms in Asia she says the following:

It is unbearable. It is insanity. Such magnificent creatures held in deeply barbaric conditions for something that is not ours but theirs. These creatures are to be cherished and held in our hearts as champions not degraded in this way. To rescue and care for bears in their hour of need is so critical for us all, to have pride as humans and do good where others have failed these magnificent creatures. We hope to raise awareness and money to save lives and dignity.

jq99_SMCTshirtfrontfinal_1Animals Asia was founded in 1998 by Jill Robinson to stop the inhumane practice of keeping bears on farms to extract their bile for human medicinal purposes. In China 10,000 – mainly moon bears but also sun bears and brown bears – are kept on bile farms and in Vietnam around 2,400. Animals Asia not only rescues these bears but they also care for them at their sanctuary located in China. In addition they work to raise awareness of and stop the general inhumane treatment of cats and dogs and zoo animals in Asian countries.

As an animals rights supporter myself, I appreciate the hard work Animals Asia does in challenging countries.

What could be more fashionable than sporting a Stella McCartney exclusive while also showing support for Animals Asia? This is a must-have for every fashionable on your holiday list as well as any one who cares about animal welfare.

Check out the Animals Asia website to find out more about their good works for animals.

Thank you, Animals Asia and you, Ms. McCartney. Love to the bears!

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