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I’m a sock gal from way back. When I was a kid I collected what I called “crazy socks” which were just socks with patterns. But there are times when a girl wants a sock feel without a sock look. Enter – Keysocks.

Recently I had the chance to sport the new Keysocks for this review and I can say right now that I love them! Keysocks offer protection for the feet, warmth, and they are super soft and comfortable. Great with any kind of shoe, particularly the type that look better sans socks, flats for example. They even work well for layering, say with boots wear a little ankle sock underneath the Keysocks for added warmth but no bulk.

img_20161121_121700860_hdrThey are intended not to be seen but I say play with layering and wear them over tights for a fun and unusual look.

Keysocks come in black, nude, and pink. There are two weights: original and light for warmer months.


The Keysocks logo on the back is a nice touch.

Keysocks are available on Amazon.com. Think: stocking-stuffers, Secret Santa gift, Hanukkah, or just because.

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