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Photo courtesy of Street Style London.

I always thought that garments should be made very quickly, spontaneously because if you labor making a garment by the time when you finish, the garment looks exhausted.

Fashion designer Yuki Torimaru told BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.

The Victoria and Albert Museum’s current ball gown exhibit features one by the renowned Japanese designer Yuki. The raspberry-red gown was originally made in the 1970s for the American actress, Gayle Hunnicutt who was married at the time to British actor David Hemmings. She made a splash in this caftan-style gown at a formal Windsor Castle ball where Mr. Hemmings made sure to help show off those fabulous sleeves by whisking his wife around the dance floor.

A big “Thank you” to blogger Jill at Street Style London for sharing her photo with Over Dressed for Life. Check out what Jill has to say about London style: http://streetstylelondon.blogspot.com/

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