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One of my favorite summer events is the American Craft Council Show, which is happening this year on August 3-5 at the Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason in San Francisco. The ACC is a juried show with more than 250 fine artists from around the country gathered to show and sell their wares: one-of-a-kind jewelry, clothing, gifts, fine art, and home décor.

Over the three days there are also various interesting activities including something called Style Slam. Here’s how it works: four local stylists shop the show and put together two looks, demonstrating how unique handmade pieces can work into any wardrobe.

One of the chosen stylists, Kristen Ikeda-Jones is a fashion designer with 25 years experience in San Francisco and around the Bay Area.

Kristen was nice enough to take a little time with ODFL for a Q&A.

Have you attended an ACC show? What are you expectations? 

This will be my very first ACC show.  I am so excited to be one of the four stylists invited to participate in this awesome event!  I’m looking forward to networking with artisans and designers in such a positive environment that promotes beautifully handcrafted wearable goods.  I can’t wait to meet other creative minds to collaborate with and I am eager to find local designers that I can promote and carry in my studio/salon slated to open next spring/summer in the East Bay.  I await the inspiration that I know will influence my capsule collection coming this Fall ’18.

With your impressive background in design and styling, what will you look for in putting your Style Slams ensembles together?

I plan on utilizing my extensive career in design and styling to help with the fast-paced time restraints we will have when pulling our looks together. I will be searching for top level craftsmanship along with the perfect subtle detail to set a piece apart.  The exact thing that sets ikedajones apart – an interesting hem line, a unique, one of a kind textile or color, a subtle twist where you least expect it ….  I love to find a creative but cohesive mix of masculine and feminine and will strive to showcase my point of view.

How do you see the unique wearable arts pieces available at the ACC show blending with more mainstream fashions?

I believe that less is more, but that doesn’t mean you won’t make an impression. When I design a collection or style a client I love to mix perfect go-to “staples” with a piece that stands out and makes a statement.  Make people’s heads turn.  The amazing designs created by the artisans at the ACC show are the perfect blend with everyday, wearable pieces because they can elevate and make your look special and unique in a way nothing found in a department store can. One unique piece can transform your everyday skinny jean, for example. You are wearing not only a one-of-a-kind piece, but you are showcasing a work of art that sets you apart from everyone else, who are settling for yoga pants!


I like how you think, Kristen: less is more, detail, make a statement. I’m excited to see your looks at Style Slam.

The American Craft Council Show happens here only once a year. Don’t miss the opportunity to shop for the best in all things unique.

Click here for more information about the ACC show.

 Be there or be SQUARE!

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Style Slam happening at the American Craft Council Show August 5-7.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming American Craft Council Show, August 5-7, 2016 at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

Every year the ACC brings together over 220 top craftspeople from around the country to exhibit and sell their wares, which includes one-of-a-kind jewelry, clothing, gifts, fine art, and home décor.

Each show also includes activities and new this year it’s something called Style Slam. Sounds like fun … what is it? Well, four local stylists will shop the show and put together several looks on models and attendees, demonstrating how unique handmade pieces can work into any wardrobe.

One of the chosen local stylists is Betina Baumgarten from Best Foot Forward in Marin. She and I did a little Q&A about Style Slam via e-mail:

Betina, have you been to the ACC show before?

I am so excited to not only attend my very first ACC show, but to be a stylist for the very first Style Slam! I’m amazed by how artists and designers can tangibly showcase their creativity; and use their work to tell their stories and share their world view. When someone purchases and wears a designer’s work, they not only embrace the designer’s story – but they make it their own as they too infuse their stories, unique personalities, style and flair.

That is so true and well put. How will you approach your task for Style Slam?

My approach to Style Slam will mimic my approach to working with any client or business: entering the experience with a sense of wonder, excitement, curiosity; and with an open mind and heart! I can’t wait to experience the innovation and creativity that is ACC. To be a part of such an incredible event that celebrates and showcases such talent is an honor! I can’t wait to “slam” talent that not only speaks to me but that is cutting edge and fashion forward – and that I hope speaks to others.

Thank you, Betina. I look forward to seeing what you put together!

Something else new at the ACC show is Make Room – local home decorators will style rooms with pieces from the show. Then, Style Slam and Make Room will cross over for Design Meets Style with the styled models hanging out for photos in the styled rooms.

The Style Slam schedule:
Friday, 11-4- Stylists will scout the show floor and “slam” their favorite pieces and style their mannequin.
Saturday, 10-12 – Design Meets Style program with commentary. Each stylist is paired with a Make Room designer and will style their own model that reflects the theme of their designers room.
Saturday, 1-4:30 – Member Makeover program with commentary in Style Slam booth.
So much fun all in one place. Don’t miss it! Click here for more scoop. 



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