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Vanguard America sport a new look. The guy in the middle is James Fields, who was recently charged with murder for running over a group of peaceful protesters in Charlottesville, VA. Photo:  Go Nakamura/New York Daily News

It seems white nationalists, Vanguard America in particular, have adopted for themselves a new uniform – khakis and polo shirts. According to several reports that was the prevailing outfit last weekend as these people descended upon the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

If someone says “white nationalists” I picture angry white men in well-worn jeans and heavy work boots, t-shirts with the Confederate flag or some offensive slogan, maybe a swastika. So it was startling to see in photos the once preppy look usurped by fringe hate groups.

It speaks volumes:

  • They’re not hiding their identity like previous generations of hate groups such as the KKK. They’re feeling comfortable with their racism.
  • They want to blend in and identify with the oh-so-many fellas out there who sport the same look – the golfer, the suburban dad, the middle manager, the Every Man.
  • These men want to appear mainstream, clean-cut, NORMAL.


If this continues the look will no doubt be tainted if it’s not already. I couldn’t help but think about the thugs in Charlottesville when the other day a man crossed my path sporting a white polo shirt and khakis. Probably on his way to work, the guy I’m sure was unaware of the association I made with his outfit. How funny is it that a week earlier I wouldn’t have even noticed him.

I say this must stop. Come on Levis, The Gap and any brand that makes khakis – like the makers of the Tiki torch you have to disavow yourselves from the alt-right. Same goes for polo shirt brands. Lacoste. Ralph Lauren. Do you want to be associated with hatred and violence?

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