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51UDgV-SMRL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I am of the opinion that styles are at no period really unbecoming. If a woman adheres to the proportions and the formula of a given epoch, she will acquire an allure, a feeling of rightness that makes her sense she is attuned to and in equilibrium with the times. By embracing a particular fashion and using it with an instinctive feeling for its organic relationship to the moment, she can make it her destiny.

– Cecil Beaton (1904-1980), British fashion and war photographer, award-winning stage and screen costume designer.

This quote was taken from Mr. Beaton’s 1954 book – The Glass of Fashion: A Personal History of Fifty Years of Changing Tastes and the People Who Inspired Them. 

Note Mr. Beaton’s writing style, which today might be considered “overdressed” but I find it refreshing for its flow and rhythm. He also makes a good point – for people who want to be fashionable, follow the structure of current fashion and own it. That will lead to confidence and a certain connection to the times.

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