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I wear my mask. What does yours look like?

People need to wear masks; they need to social distance. They need to be rigorous and responsible about this. This is not something to be taken casually or lightly … You could kill people or you could be killed yourself. 

Tim Gunn, fashion icon and host of Project Runway and Making the Cut. Gunn was recently on the radio interview show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Everyone’s favorite fashion icon, Gunn shared what he’s been wearing while sheltering-in-place: sometimes pajama bottoms with a plain white t-shirt and a navy blue robe, but he says he would never step outside his NYC front door in such a casual ensemble. When he goes out to the corner store he wears a turtleneck sweater and dark wash jeans. For Zoom meetings he dons a sport coat and tie.

Gross asked if he wore a fashionable mask and he explained that he didn’t want to bother with having to consider colors or pattern. A plain medical mask goes with everything.

Good point, although, I have to admit that if I were a fashion designer I’d be working on a line of matching mask and skirt/dress/pants/jacket.

Yep, I’d be all over that! Because Covid-19 isn’t going away anytime soon and therefore, neither are masks.



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Photo: Perry Hagopian

If getting fashion right were easy, everyone would look sensational. They don’t.

Tim Gunn speaking at a recent runway show in Palo Alto, California.

A few summer fashion tips from Mr. Gunn:

  • A voluminous top should be paired with slim pants.
  • Short shorts are for the very young. “You don’t want to look like Grandma Jezebel.”
  • Maxi dresses are appropriate for a party around the pool, not dressed up with heels and jewelry as women are doing in Los Angeles.

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