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Not my best ensemble but it’s just right for ARF.

Yesterday I completed my fourth and final shift of laundry duty at ARF. This is the first in a series of tasks that I, as a new volunteer at Animal Rescue Foundation, must learn and do before I’m allowed to work with the cats.

What does one wear to the laundry room at ARF? I chose a white ARF volunteer t-shirt with the recently retired logo. (The new one will be unveiled soon.) There is a dress code that states long pants and since I’m not a fan of jeans it was simple black stretch pants for me. PUMA sneakers made me happy for the comfort factor. Fanny Packs are the new It Bag and mine in black, which I picked up at the recent American Craft Council show was a convenient alternative to a handbag since there’s no place to store our stuff.

IMG_20160822_113612888_HDRMy partner in cleanliness, Marjorie sports the ARF Volunteer tee in lavender, which I think looks lovely with her chic bobbed hair.

Our outfits are really a uniform as everyone, the volunteers and staff who work directly with the animals, dresses in variations on this theme. Walking around the shelter in the proper attire, to me felt like I was part of the team. That’s what uniforms are all about!

It’s on to work at the ARF Thrift Store next.

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