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IMG_1742Regular readers may recall that last year I had a  20s style coat custom-made by Oakland designer Theresa LaQuey. Since there was plenty of fabric left over, I decided to also have a skirt made from the tweed and a blouse made from the coat’s silk lining. Now I have a complete outfit that, I have to say, gets many a second glance.

I knew I wanted a 40s style skirt (yes, I like to mix my eras) with a high waist. Theresa added the side slits and she was able to include the faux broad-tail fur trim, also left over from the coat. But I wasn’t clear on what I wanted for the blouse. Theresa suggested a wrap. She used an original 40s pattern, which needed some tricky altering because I have such narrow shoulders.

I’m thrilled with the results, particularly the blouse. The wrap is surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear. There are three inside snaps on one side and five outside buttons on the other side. Although bit stiff at first, now they’re a cinch. The small tucks at the shoulders and short waist length gives an overall sharp, polished look. I do love the tailored style of the 1940s and there is nothing better than a no-fuss ensemble.

This was my 2011 holiday go-to outfit. I wore it to parties and dancing at Le Colonial. I’m looking forward to sporting it at the upcoming Art Deco Society of California Membership Party, but I’m going to add a little something. Stay tuned.

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Mom in her Mom Uniform saying, "Don't you dare take a picture."

My mother was never one to follow the pack. When most moms were sporting Betty Draper dresses my mother’s daily uniform was a tweed skirt, an Oxford shirt and flats with knee high socks.

Having grown up with that look, for me now it evokes feelings of peace and comfort. I sport it myself sometimes and thank my mom for her independent sense of style.

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