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She's got it! Photo: Richard Aiello.

She’s got it! Photo: Richard Aiello.

For months I’ve been Facebook friends with a British magazine called Vintage Life, which is not available in the US. How fun it’s been to read  teasers about what the publication covers such as vintage fashions, designers, collecting, anything to do with how to live a vintage life.

Wouldn’t I love to subscribe but it’s pricey thanks to the oh-so-expensive Royal Mail and a lousy currency exchange rate. There is an online version, but I’m an old-fashioned girl; I prefer a paper copy I can roll up, stick in my bag, dog-ear pages, cut out pages, you know.

So I was quite excited by the thought of getting my hands on a copy of Vintage Life once I touched down in London.

Ha! I first asked my local newsagent, no luck. Then I checked the chain grocery stores Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, no and no.

Cutting to the chase, after one week of popping into every London newsagent, grocery store, drugstore and book store I passed I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked and looked, including at numerous WHSmiths, the local chain book store that supposedly stocks Vintage Life.

My last bit of hope was St. Pancras Railway Station, where my partner and I were to board a train to Sheffield. We had been told that perhaps the two WHSmiths located in the station might have what had become my personal Holy Grail. Guess what … they did not.

Ah well, this would not be the first time I’ve had to chant to myself “let it go.” But it’s difficult to let go of one’s Holy Grail. My partner and I arrived in Sheffield, our friend Sarah was there to greet us.

At Sarah’s home, she pointed out this and that while we lugged our bags downstairs into the guest room. Looking around, something caught my eye on the floor and I shrieked. Resting on top of a large, colorful pillow was a British Harper’s Bazaar and a copy of Vintage Life. 

Sarah, a bit surprised by my excitement, explained she saw the publication at her local newsagent (in Sheffield, I remind my readers) and thought: “Oh, that’s for Moya.”

Oh, yes, that’s for me. I’m now enjoying every page of vintage fashions, a cake recipe, hairstyles, and my favorite is an article about traveling retro on the Orient Express.

Let it go, indeed. Thanks, Sarah.

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