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Meet Suzette.

Meet Suzette.

Earlier this summer my old friend, Suzette, surprised us all and announced she was moving back to her home state of Maine. In the mad dash to get rid of many of her belongings, she offered up for sale a counter display mannequin that she had purchased from Madame Butterfly, a vintage clothing shop on College Avenue in Oakland. Some of my readers might remember that shop, which closed several years ago.

As it happens, I had been on the lookout for a mannequin. Something vintage and not too big; something with character but not creepy as mannequins can be. This one is perfect and I love that she hails from I.Magnin & Co., circa 1960s. What a pedigree!

I brought my new friend home and placed her in the living room, where she sat bare as can be for over a month. I didn’t know exactly what to do with her but I liked her company …  just sitting there, adding a bit of curiosity to my home. What I did know is her name. Suzette, of course.

My mother suggested showering Suzette with jewelry so I pondered that for a while and then one day I suddenly knew exactly which pieces.

IMG_0242Placed around Suzette’s neck is a strand of 1920s glass scarab beads that I bought at a London antique market. Layered over is a beaded tassel necklace that once belonged to my grandmother.

Perched on top of Suzette’s neck is a 1950s velvet hat with added ostrich feathers.

Now, doesn’t she look fabulous?

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