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joyous 114I was a lucky girl-reporter indeed to be among the 30 or so women invited this week to the San Francisco studios of the video/shopping website Joyus, for a live chat show with fashion photographer Nigel Barker. New to me, Joyus is an informative (and fun) site that offers shopping and weekly videos, some of which are conversations, about fashion, beauty, and health for all women.

Mr. Barker was interviewed by Joyus founder Sukhinder Singh Cassidy and joined in conversation by Joyus regulars stylist Kelly, and makeup artist Mikaela. When I say live what I mean is a recording with a live audience, which was the very first ever for Joyus. The show is scheduled to air on the Joyus website November 10th and readers, you don’t want to miss it!

Best known as one of the judges on the reality show America’s Next Top Model, Mr. Barker started his career in fashion as a model himself and later he became a photographer despite his parents pleas for him to go into medicine. He’s directed documentaries, written a book (Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation Revealing a Better and More Beautiful You), has had cameos on television shows and movies including the 2011 feature film Arthur, and he has his own show – The Shot – on VH1. He hails from London but has lived in NYC for the past 16 years, now with his wife and two children. And … he’s vegetarian.

Such accomplishments and still the guy is quite down-to-earth, with a personable demeanor, sense of humor and he’s a dream interview, taking any question and just flying with it. When asked about beauty and what makes someone attractive, Mr. Barker said he believes beauty isn’t exclusive nor is it about just physical appearance. He spoke passionately about the importance of confidence, having compassion and doing good in the world all of which leads to inner beauty. “What beauty is, is who you are, your individuality, your uniqueness. That’s what’s so extraordinarily beautiful and it’s something we all have.”

The interview/conversation lasted close to two hours, during which the winner of the Joyus makeover contest was announced and introduced. The lovely lady, who will remain a mystery until the show airs on November 5th, had arrived at the studio that morning and enjoyed a full makeover with the assistance of Kelly and Mikaela. She also had a photo shoot with Mr. Barker and joined the panel for part of the discussion.

joyous 107Plus there was an after party with delicious food, meet and greets, and photos with the handsome Mr. Barker. So how could I resist? I couldn’t and I didn’t! Check me out donning a dress by NYC designer Yoana Baraschi, which I recently bought at the popular women’s boutique FlairWalk in Portland, Oregon.

Thanks, Joyus! It was great fun. Readers, don’t forget you can view the interview with Nigel Barker on the Joyus website, November 10th, 2013.

UPDATE: The Nigel Barker interview will air on the Joyus website Sunday, November 10, 2013.

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