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9baa7d28c628f14d175580c14bd74cddMaybe it means you buy one less T-shirt each year. Or maybe it means you buy one of higher quality because it lasts longer. Or you only buy vintage, recycled clothes from secondhand shops. All of the above works, and that’s the beauty of it. 

Stephanie Benedetto – co-founder and CEO of Queen of Raw.

This quote was taken from a Q&A with Mosaic magazine, November/December 2018.

Did you know that there are piles and piles of fabrics sitting in warehouses going unused? Brand designers sometimes overestimate how much fabric they need or a mill overproduces a particular fabric and voila –  we have fabric overload. On occasion these fabrics find their way to fabric shops but sadly, more often the fabric is burned or buried, according to the Queen of Raw website.

Queen of Raw offers unused textiles for sale that would otherwise be destroyed, giving them a second chance and us a greener way to go in fashion.

What a great idea for holiday shopping! Check it out here.






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One of my favorite holiday treats is a visit to Theatre of Dreams, a small locally owned shop in the cozy town of Port Costa.

IMG_0948Walking into Theatre of Dreams really is a dreamy experience, glancing every which way to delight the eyes with sparkle ornaments, boxes, cones, and other trinkets all handmade by artist Wendy Addison.

IMG_0940Ms. Addison uses antique and vintage materials such as paper, fabric, glitter, and ribbon to create unique gift items. She has developed her own style recognized by Victoria magazine and Martha Stewart.

IMG_0929Next door to Theatre of Dreams I was happy to find another unique shop – The Hat Shop and Haberdashery. Small and charmingly old with a chill in the air and creaky floors this establishment stocks men’s top hats, bowlers, and caps as well as an impressive selection of plaid shirts. (I love a fella in a plaid shirt.) In addition are ladies headdresses and jewelry made from antique buttons and other found objects by Artist Lee Kobus.
Down the street a few other vendors have set up a small outdoor market for the holidays. Theatre of Dreams is located at 11 Canyon Drive in Port Costa and open special holiday hours – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday December 5-7. Friday and Saturday December 12 and 13 and again the next week, December 19 and 20. 10am to 5pm each day.


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