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2014-06-26-tomfordFashion is so perishable and if you have a thought even the night before that what you’re doing is wrong and it already feels old and looks old, you have to move heaven and earth. You have to kill yourself. You have to drive everyone around you crazy to get it to exactly where it should be and as close as it can be to the right thing before it goes out on the runway. 

– Tom Ford, American fashion designer. Speaking in the 2004 documentary, Seamless.

NYC Fashion Week is in full swing through February 16th.

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When I launched my television series That Girl in 1966, I never expected to set fashion trends. I was just excited to be bringing something groundbreaking to viewers: TV’s first independent working woman. Still, my character’s colorful, mod outfits resonated with That Girls everywhere. Her wardrobe announced that a new kind of woman- and a new age – had arrived.

– Marlo Thomas, star and executive producer of the television series That Girl, 1966-1971.

Ms. Thomas goes on to say in a recent interview that she has discovered, since maturing from a girl to a woman (she’s 79), that there are few sartorial choices for women such as herself that “express who we are.” What she finds are bare midriffs, slits up too high, etc. She wants a look that is covered but not covered up.


Marlo Thomas models clothing from her new line That Woman.

Inspired, Ms. Thomas set about creating clothing that announces another new kind of woman:one of age and style.

Her clothing line is called That Woman and it debuted this month on HSN. The line offers fashions for women over 40 that both compliment and empower. Included in the 15 piece collection are dresses, tops, skirts, pants, and dusters.

Hey, have you ever watched That Girl? It’s a vintage sartorial treat! Check it out on Youtube.

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NPG x135803; Quentin Crisp by Angus McBeanOnce you have decided you are a stylist, you must keep your eye on the ultimate horizon – your finale. A way of ending it on your own terms. Otherwise you’ll find yourself on an iron bedstead in a rented room with people around you saying, ‘He can’t last much longer.’

– Quentin Crisp (1908-1999), English author.


This quote made me think of the recent passing of Carrie Fisher and one day later her mother Debbie Reynolds, who said that she wanted to be with her daughter. Certainly, two women who left us in style.





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ann-demeulemeester-02-760x760Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depress me. They’re so empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.

– Ann Demeulemeester, Belgium fashion designer.

Ms. Demeulemeester loves black and she’s also known for her Goth inspired designs. She goes for deconstruction with a touch of Victorian/Edwardian details. She, along with Jil Sander, came along in the 1990s and put European countries other than France into fashion focus.



Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2013

As for her comment on black. Well, black is a wonderful option but I think color has its place. We can’t all sport black all the time; that might be slightly somber. But I do understand what Ms. Demeulemeester is saying in terms of depth. Black is rich and full and sometimes poignant. Color is fanciful and uplifting.  The world needs both.

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5405aa762ece9_cintra_wilsonI believe that way too many of our fashion statements pigeonhole us in ways that we may not realize. They make us look like we are in a certain tax bracket, at a certain level of intelligence. You’re labeling yourself every time you get dressed, literally. I think that you should make choices that derive from your own actual taste. Don’t run with the pack. Dressing in a manner that’s more extreme than your personality – forcing yourself to evolve into those boots or whatever – is a very effective way to do that. You have to get out of your comfort zone as much as you can stand it. Be that person you wish you were.

– Cintra Wilson, American cultural critic and writer.

This quote is from an interview with Gary Kamiya for San Francisco Magazine, March 2016.


I still have the album and still love it. Rock Lobster anyone?

Getting out of one’s sartorial comfort zone. What is more fun than that? I started experimenting with style when I was in high school. I was inspired by the band the B52s: baggy pants, bright colors, mixed with a bit of vintage such as a pair of 1960s snakeskin pumps. (Was 60s vintage in the early 80s?) Oh and the makeup – blue mascara was my fave.

That was just the beginning, although, I have lost touch with dressing more extreme than my personality … hmm …

Hey, Happy Spooks Day!


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… I’m increasingly convinced that fashion must maintain an aspirational aspect of an emotional desire. It’s like with a Ferrari – I order it and I get it 12 or 24 months later because it is unique and special.

– Raffaello Napoleone, Chief executive officer, Pitti Immagine Uomo

Who remembers layaway? Ah yes, there is something wonderful and expensive that you must have but cannot afford all at once. You put some money down on it and the shop puts it aside. Pay a little at a time as you can and then a few months later it’s yours. While waiting you think about it and ponder how to wear it or use it.

img_20160928_195235Years ago I put an expensive pair of earrings on layaway at Tail of the Yak in Berkeley. Sure, I could have just charged them on a credit card but I wanted to wait and pay with cash. I planned it so my third and last payment landed on my birthday. It was a present from me to me. Well, kind of.

All part of my birthday celebration, Mom and I had lunch and then headed over to Tail of Yak to pick up my earrings. After waiting months, it felt like a big-deal moment and look –  I still remember it! Add to that, Mom made the final payment.

I love those earrings because not only are they unique and special but they come with a fond memory.

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64810e98b8be2019bfa976d81a524d36Vulgarity is on the red carpet, on the runway, in the restaurants, and at all the parties. It rules television; it animates the Web. When the age of vulgarity pervades every facet of our lives, it’s a sure thing that it has almost run its course.

– Joan Juliet Buck, American writer and actress and former editor of French Vogue.

Vulgarity run its course? Let’s hope so!!


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