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Zara and Sahar.

On a recent Sunday afternoon I spotted these two lovely women chatting together in a local park while looking casual-chic.

Sahar and Zara originally hail from Iran but now live in the Lamorinda area.

Zara is wearing edgy ripped leggings paired with a comfy sneakers. I like that she chose a button-down shirt with a flattering slim-fit (instead of a more typical and less interesting T-shirt). She pulled the whole thing together by adding a pop of color in the turquoise scarf.

Sahar went for pattern in black and white to top her leggings. A longish sweater accented with faux fur offers lots of pizzazz and completes the outfit. Like Zara she used an accessory to brighten the look – love the fuchsia handbag! Another cute pair of trendy sneakers, which look sharp and guarantee easy walking.

Comfortable yet fashionable and interesting to boot.

Nicely done!




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I’m not against see-now-buy-now, but there has to be some scarcity somewhere. When you just put things out there and it feels like everything is available all of the time, right away, there’s no sense of something special.

– Pierre-Yves Roussel, chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group.


Burberry was among the big brands to offer see-now-buy-now.

During the last fashion show season in September, many brands offered some of their items for sale right away. There is much talk in the industry about this trend, called see-now-buy-now. Some designers think it’s great for increased sales and exposure. While others are unsure, expressing concern about changing timelines and schedules.

See-now-buy-now is a pretty big shift (if it lasts) affecting manufacturing, editorial, delivery, space in stores and so on.

Retail sales in clothing had been on the decline – perhaps it’s this fast-fashion/have it now/nothing special that has turned people off buying clothes. Instead consumers are finding their sense of special from experiences such as travel, food, and entertainment.


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maxresdefaultIt always takes customers two seasons to jump on and go with a trend. A retailer is always happy when a trend is continued and pushed further. Street stylers and fashionistas are going to jump on the trend yesterday, but actual customers don’t really get it for months in.

– Claire Distenfeld, owner of Fivestory.

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1434581022429Trends basically are notions thrown out there to keep us going, to keep us interested, to keep us intrigued, to keep us trying and buying other things and that’s brilliant and exciting but it’s not the law. 

Polly Vernon, British style writer.

Trends are fun and help update a wardrobe but it’s easy to get carried away and sometimes waste money. I like to add trends in accessories and save my money for classic pieces of clothing that will last. However, having said that, I must confess I’m really excited about the upcoming trend for Fall 2015 – cropped pants. The funny thing is that I happen to have the perfect pair left over from the last time they were in vogue, which I swear was less than ten years ago.

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