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I really like the scent of lavender. I find it to be light and soothing; but not all lavender is the same. There are some that are too sweet, some that have a chemical undertone, and some that seem to travel up your nose and poke your brain with a sharp object.

Body Time (formerly The Body Shop) offered the best oils, but since they closed in 2018 I have been on a quest for just the right lavender scent. Then I happened to find Elizabeth W Lavender Botanical Body Oil at Maker’s Market.

Elizabeth W bath, body, and home products are locally made of clean natural ingredients. The lavender body oil is a safflower seed and almond oil base with a smooth scent of natural lavender. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper and in the evenings I take a few drops in my hand and massage into my temples to wind down.

Scent is something that can bring a little daily joy into our lives and we all could use more joy. Lavender does it for me, but Elizabeth W has other scents – magnolia, cucumber, grapefruit, lime – just to name a few.

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

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I like originality. I combine fashion and philosophy. Fashion, to me, is an art form. For it to make sense, it has to have a philosophy behind what you’re doing. Otherwise, it’s just trendy.

Patricia Field – American stylist/costume designer known for her work on Sex and The City, The Devil Wears Prada, and Emily in Paris.

This quote is from a Q&A Field did with Today.com.

Field is just out with her memoir, Pat in the City: My Life in Fashion, Style, and Breaking All the Rules (Harper Collins).

I completely agree that fashion (or style) has to have some thought behind it to be interesting. When someone buys and wears a head-to-toe designer outfit, there’s nothing of the individual reflected. But when we put together our own ensembles – mixing a vintage piece with a trendy piece, choosing color and pattern – that’s where the creativity and our own approach, or as Field calls it “philosophy,” comes in. Anything other than that is following someone else’s vision.

I look forward to reading Pat in the City.

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MZ Wallace caught my attention before I knew who they were. One day on BART I a spotted well-dressed woman carrying the cutest quilted fabric tote in black. I hadn’t seen anything like it. Not long after that, MZ Wallace showed up in my IG feed (hmm, coincidence or … ?) and I immediately recognized their distinctive look. I followed them knowing that one day I was going to indulge.

Behind MZ Wallace are Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace, two NYC women who were not finding what they needed in a handbag – “a bag that would allow for every aspect of our busy lives, that we could use all day every day all year round.” In 2000 they launched their brand determined to provide a “functional luxury” product.

Made of recycled nylon, MZ Wallace bags are lightweight and waterproof. The quilting gives subtle texture and extra interest. Initially they started off in black but recently have added patterns and lots of bright colors like kelly green. They are known for their urban-friendly crossbody bags and backpacks. Also on offer is an array of other styles such as hobo, tote, and the oh-so-popular sling.

I’m a fan of crossbody bags. I like the way they look and of course they are convenient. After a couple of years of watching MZ Wallace I decided last fall that for my birthday I was finally going to treat myself. I had settled on the Metro Flat Crossbody. It’s sleek and simple with two pockets on the outside and four on the inside. There are little details that make this a “luxury” bag such as a leather zipper pull trimmed in red and inside fabric that is soothing to the touch.

This is the bag I reach for when I’m going out for the day. I usually also carry a tote for all the extras – umbrella, hat, water, and so on. I couldn’t be happier with my MZ Wallace and it won’t be long before I just have to have another one.

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

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This is a photo of a card handcrafted by a group of women artisans in the mountains of El Salvador. These women gather, dry, and preserve natural flowers that they use for these one-of-a-kind cards.

If it’s spring it’s time for pretty sunhats. If it’s Easter (and it is this Sunday) it’s time for Easter bonnets. The bigger the better!

For those who celebrate – Happy Easter!

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Dressing is not important, but it is one of the little signs of respect.

Bernard-Henri Levy – French writer, philosopher, filmmaker.

This quote if from an article about Levy in the New York Times, February 28, 2023.

Levy is known for wearing bespoke suits with a white unbuttoned dress shirt to war zones in Ukraine, where he has been filming his documentary Slava Ukraini. This quote is his response to the question – why do you wear suits to a war zone?

Indeed, dressing well is a sign of respect for one another.

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